5 Best WordPress Newsletter Plugins

If you have regular subscribers to your website or company, sending them updates is appreciated and necessary for up kept interest. Having a plugin to manage your newsletters eliminates immense amount of manual work to send them updates and notify them of upcoming events, deals, discounts, etc.   This plugin comes equipped with unlimited subscribers … Read more

5 Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is an important part of todays communication. Displaying not only your own site, but the sites and content you’re interested in and believe is relevant is essential to developing an image and keeping a following on your site. Here are some best WordPress RSS feed plugins that aid you in managing your … Read more

5 Best WordPress News Plugins

Whether your site is geared towards news or not at all, integrating news sources on websites can greatly increase your traffic and draw people to your site. It’s not only important that you’re finding the quality of news suitable to visitors, but that it’s displayed in a easy-to-understand way. Here are some best WordPress news … Read more

5 Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins

Being able to contact and commerce with the rest of the world is a great gift the internet provides us. However, making it accessible to people who speak different languages is not always the easiest thing to do. These plugins can make your site multilingual in a variety of ways and capacities.   This plugin, … Read more

4 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins


Affiliate marketing has become an effective way to gain traction and notoriety, as well as make money, on the internet. Because you are working with and coordinating between so many different websites, businesses, and other platforms, it can become difficult to manage. These 4 best WordPress affiliate plugins ease some of the difficulties in a … Read more

5 Best WordPress Translation Plugins

google language translator

The expectation has become that people of any relatively widely spoken language can understand, read, and communicate on the language. Make sure your site does not lack in translation. Here are some of the best WordPress translation plugins that can make your site translatable and accessible worldwide. Best WordPress Translation Plugins Google Language Translator This … Read more

5 Best WordPress Table Plugins

Displaying data and information is almost always a necessity. Whether you have a financial consulting firm, a sports-tracking data system, or even if you want to break down information for visitors to your site in a new way, tables can be an effective way of showing different information. Here are 5 best WordPress table plugins … Read more

10 Best WordPress Magazine Themes

mh magazine

When creating a news site, it’s important the information presented is accessible, readable, and attracts the eye. Choosing a theme that supports these ideas and comes equipped with support for social media sharing is incredibly important. Here are 10 best WordPress magazine theme options. Best WordPress Magazine Themes 1. MH Magazine Lite The top free magazine … Read more

5 Best WordPress Comment Plugins

comment press

One of the beauties and the stresses of the virtual world is that people can post anything then want, whenever they want. It’s important as a site owner that you can control the comments and provide users with the best experience to offer feedback and share the qualities your site has to offer. These are … Read more

5 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

Like surveys, quizzes are a unique way to communicate with site visitors and keep them engaged in new and interesting ways. Whether it’s for pure fun or for serious statistical analysis, being able to formulate a good-quality quiz is a great asset for a site. Here are some best WordPress quiz plugins geared toward helping … Read more