4 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

Affiliate marketing has become an effective way to gain traction and notoriety, as well as make money, on the internet. Because you are working with and coordinating between so many different websites, businesses, and other platforms, it can become difficult to manage. These 4 best WordPress affiliate plugins ease some of the difficulties in a range of ways.

Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins



This plugin equips you with strong tools to maintain an Affiliate Marketing Program. It allows you to use real-time reporting by having referrals and affiliate link statistics recorded instantly as transactions are processed. You can show affiliates information about their referrals like totals by currency and referral status.

This plugin is great for managing affiliate marketing and partner referral programs, as well as tracking visits to your site with affiliate links. The plugin provides an API, making it usable with almost any E-Commerce platform. You can have as many affiliates as you like and they can sign up automatically and be added manually or without permission.


Affiliates Manager

affiliates manager

Affiliates manager facilitates the recruitment, registration, login, and management process of your affiliates. Additionally, it can track referrals that your affiliates send to your site and give you the power to compensate what you deem fair. The plugin integrates with the major e-commerce platforms – WooCommerce, Simple Shopping Cart, WP eCommerce, JigoShop, iThemes Exchange, and more.

There is real-time reporting for the plugin so your affiliate traffic and sales are recorded and ready immediately. You can set it up so that each individual of your unlimited number of affiliates can be paid differently and you can always manually adjust these payments. All can be done through PayPal if convenient. You can also customize the registration and add banners or text to ads that you send them if desire be. Finally, there is autoresponder integration through Mailchimp and MailPoet lists and you can always customize the emails that you send.


WordPress Affiliate & Referral Plugin

wordpress referral

This plugin essentially lengthens your website with an affiliate/referral system. You get real-time reporting and easy translation with .po and .mo files with this plugin. You can pay your affiliates through PayPal and mass payments with MassPay. You can have unlimited referrals and unlimited affiliates and you can cusotmize the registration URL as well as the forms and use shortcodes to set up referral links, banners, and Facebook send and share.

Logged in users will have access to referral links through the banners and default user profiles can be extended with certain information. As the admin you can see all the users, their User IDs and referral IDs easily. Further, you’ll be able to see statistics of referrals, user, etc. very easy and compensate quickly through PayPal.


Affiliate Machine

affiliate machine

Affiliate Machine makes it so that you can add hyperlinks to keywords and phrases either on a particular post or page, or throughout the whole website. You simply make a list of important keywords and you can set the affiliate link for them. Then, the plugin highlights and hyperlinks the words with the affiliate links.

You can use as many keywords or replacements as you would like as there is no limit. Also, links can be added all the time as the databse does not change. In terms of customization, there are over 10 options for configurations with tool tip. You can also set up a limit number of replacements for posts and pages, as well as set the highlight colors, shadows, and decide if they will be bolded, underlined, etc. There is a “nofollow” attribute to save your SEO points and the links can open either in the same tab or window, or in a new one. Finally, it’s translation ready and there are no alerts from Plugin Check.


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