5 Best WordPress News Plugins

Whether your site is geared towards news or not at all, integrating news sources on websites can greatly increase your traffic and draw people to your site. It’s not only important that you’re finding the quality of news suitable to visitors, but that it’s displayed in a easy-to-understand way.

Here are some best WordPress news plugins that provide a range of options to show the news in a way that’s bound to suit your site’s image.

Best WordPress News Plugins

Ditty News Ticker

ditty news ticker

This plugin comes with 3 default ticker modes to display various news sources. The first one, scroll mode, allows you to scroll the ticker data left, right, up or down. The second, rotate mode, allows you to rotate through the ticker data. And the list mode has you display your data in a list.

You can add custom news tickers to the site through shortcodes, direct functions, or in a custom Ditty News Ticker Widget. This is a multi-functional display plugin created for the sake of displaying news.


SP News and Scrolling Widgets

wpnews and scrolling widgets

SP News allows you to add, manage, and display news in a news section of your site. It comes with date archives and widgets to help you manage content. You can also set it up so that scrolling can happen vertically or horizontally.

The plugin uses a news custom post type, news widget, and will add a news tab to the admin menu, so you can enter news items the same way you would a regular post. You can modify the permalinks structure by choosing a custom structure in case you run into any configuration problems. Also, you can add news categories and tags for optimal organization.


News Box


This plugin is great for displaying contents of various sources and displaying them in a clean and modern looking environment. With News Box you can group multiple contents and arrange them by date either in a boxed layout, or navigation. Both have lightbox integration.

The plugin is very customizable with three preset themes to adapt from. You can build your own skins and manage the contents of the articles that are displayed. The plugin is responsive, adaptive, and integrated with WooCommerce. $18


Z News


Z News has multimedia options for displaying the news. You can use YouTube, Vimeo, MP4, FLV, and MP#, as well as images and html content. There are touch swipe and drag and drop features to organize your content. Also you can add CSS3 animations and jQuery fall back.

A lot can be customized with this more comprehensive plugin. There are 5 colorskins and one new skin to choose from, as well as vertical and horizontal orientation. You can add thumbnails in any size and set heights and dimensions, as well as set the dates to a custom format. Finally, there is the option to use zNews post type and zNews categories, or you can stick with the WordPress default.


Live News


Derived from the newsticker used in broadcast television, this plugin is geared toward communicating breaking news, financial news, and weather warnings. There are 3 different options to display news. You can do it manually with forms provided by the plugin (featured news and sliding news). From there you can choose to display the latest news directly or link it to your posts, pages, external resources, etc.

You can also choose to display your news automatically. In this case your latest posts will be used from the post title and post excerpt and link to news. Finally, you can display news from another RSS. In this case it will be automatically connected from a major news source or wherever you desire, and you don’t have to do any monitoring.


These are the 5 best WordPress news plugins that’ll help you add news tickers, display news headlines and stream live new on your WordPress site.

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