5 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

Like surveys, quizzes are a unique way to communicate with site visitors and keep them engaged in new and interesting ways. Whether it’s for pure fun or for serious statistical analysis, being able to formulate a good-quality quiz is a great asset for a site. Here are some best WordPress quiz plugins geared toward helping achieve that possibility.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

WP Pro Quiz

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This plugin is a solid options to help you formulate quizzes. It comes with a range of formats from single choice, to multiple choice, to sorting choice, to free choice, and to matrix sorting choice. You can choose, if you wish, to set a time limit to the questions, as well as randomize the answer order. You can also randomize the question order.

You can incorporate multimedia into the questions and insert back and forward buttons seamlessly. It is possible to assign a variety of point values to different questions and change the order as well. This plugin is very simple but has the basic skeleton of what comprises as quiz.


Quiz Master

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Also a great plugin for surveys and contact forms, Quiz Master is great for quizzes. You create the quiz, add it to any page you want using a shortcode, and then the results will be saved when the user takes the quiz. There is no limit to the questions and answers on the quizzes and they can have images, YouTube videos, and other features.

The text blocks throughout the quiz and the submit button can be customized as can the types of questions. You can have multiple choice questions, numbers, captchas, or accept-like responses. After users take quizzes the plugin can send them an email with the results. The message can be customized with your text. Finally, the plugin will display statistics that show how many times the quizzes have been viewed and taken and show you graphs to keep track of your data.


WP Form Builder Feedback Survey & Quiz

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High-rated for surveys and quizzes this plugin comes with over 100 fonts, 35 form elements, 960 icons, and over 30 themes to choose from. There is drag and drop capabilities in the Form Builder making it easy to customize and create surveys. Quizzes and forms can be created with score-able elements. You just score the options and the system will automatically generate the scores from all the questions.

Built into the plugin is a survey analytics system with detailed chart statistics and a built in quiz system that assigns scores to MCQs. There is a clear display of the user activity so you can see their submissions and manage responses easily.


WordPress Quiz

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This plugin is specifically geared toward multiple choice style quizzes, which can be great for teaching, blogging, and advertising, as well as other sites. You can incorporate multimedia and hints into questions if desired and randomize questions and answers. The interface is customizable and there are many configuration options to set up the quizzes. You can have numerous quizzes on one page and have social sharing options.

After a user completes a quiz their data and their score are instantly saved to a database. Later, you can view the user data and view charts to see the results. You can also customize the general aesthetic components – localization, changing color, etc.


Modal Survey WordPress Plugin

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This plugin allows you to create unlimited surveys and quizzes with unlimited questions and answers. You always have the option to embed the quizzes into your content or show it in a modal/popup style.

The quiz can be imported anywhere on the page or post. It will appear with a smooth animation when the visitor arrives at where you’ve chosen to put it. There are many customization features to change the styles of your quizzes as well as size and color settings. If it suits the quiz and your site you can have the responses displayed in different formats – either a bar graph, by text, or other – so that you can easily see the results in a comprehensible way.


These are some of the best WordPress quiz plugin out there.

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