5 Best WordPress Comment Plugins

One of the beauties and the stresses of the virtual world is that people can post anything then want, whenever they want. It’s important as a site owner that you can control the comments and provide users with the best experience to offer feedback and share the qualities your site has to offer. These are five best WordPress comment plugins that help you control the settings for your comments on your blog.

Best WordPress Comment Plugins

Simple Ajax Insert Comments

comment press

This plugin is described as small but powerful. Simple Ajax Comments allows you to insert and receive comments fast and easily, and without reloading the page. You can set the comment pagination, by limiting a number of comments per page or per load. There are buttons which help users insert various media, as well as buttons to help them rate the comments, e.g. “Like” “Dislike.”

You can set the limit of characters for each commend and allow comments to be reserved for only registered users. The area of text can be automatically incremented and comments can come like Facebook-style date format. There are 4 styles for customization, and security has a strong presence.


Better Recent Comments Widget Pro

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Better Recent Comments Widget Pro comes with an advanced widget so you can show the most recent comments in a widgetized sidebar. You can include the author gravatars, post titles, comment excerpts, human readable time formats, and more.

There are 11 options to configure with each widget and you can have multiple showings of the same widget. You can name and rename widget titles, and set a number of comments to show. You can display the comment author if you wish, as well as choose whether to show the author’s gravatar image. You can adjust the size of the gravatar image, as well as choose if it’s floating on the left or right. Finally, you have the option to show comment text excerpts, as well as control the length of said excerpt, and always select the date format: human readable or by month, day, year.


Disable Comments

disable comments

With over 600,000 downloads and five stars this plugin has proven to be extremely useful for site administrators. Essentially, it allows for admins to globally disable comments on any type of post – pages, posts, attachments, etc. – and will remove comment-related fields from edit and quick screen edits.

Comment-related items can be removed from the dashboard widgets, the admin menu, and the admin bar. This is a plugin for not having any comments on the site or on certain post types at all, not for individual deletion.


One Click Close Comments

one click close comment

This plugin serves a different function by allowing you to close or open comments to posts by simply going to the admin page listing of posts and pages and using a single click. The set-up is through AJAX color-coding – green meaning open, red meaning close – so you get instant feedback on the status of a post or page. Thus, all the changes are submitted but a page reload is not necessary.


Facebook Comment Slider

facebook comment slider

This plugin offers different slider options that, in turn, allow users to leave comments on the websites or subpages. They can leave the comments at the bottom of the page or by simply clicking on the Facebook icon. Their comments will be displayed on Facebook for their friends to see enhancing SEO.

The Facebook Comment slider also comes with a Like and Share button, so when a visitor leaves a comment, an automatic like to the WordPress pages processes and display’s itself on the visitors Facebook page. The slider can be visible on every of your pages and posts, or only some. Further, you can enable, disable, and set the time of the shake effect that comes with the plugin.


These are the best WordPress comment plugins in the market. Some help you to modify the comment section and others to add functionality to the current comment area.

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