5 Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is an important part of todays communication. Displaying not only your own site, but the sites and content you’re interested in and believe is relevant is essential to developing an image and keeping a following on your site. Here are some best WordPress RSS feed plugins that aid you in managing your RSS feed so you constantly have access to the sites you like, and can share them easily with others.

Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins

WP RSS Aggregator

wp rss agregrator

Far and away the most popular free plugin, with WP RSS Aggregator you can display feed from one more sites on your blog. When you add feeds through the admin panel the plugin will pull feed items from the sites, merge them, and display them in order. You can also use a shortcode to display certain functions from within your theme.

With the plugin you can schedule the feeds of imports by source and use other shortcodes to further customize the outputs and inputs. You can decide whether or not to show/hide sources and dates as well as choose the date format. You can also set the links as follow or no-follow and select how you want the links to open. Finally, you can limit the number of feed items stored in the database so it does not be come too overwhelming as well as use feed autodiscover, which lets you add feeds without knowing the URL.


RSS Post Importer

rss post importer

This plugin is for syndicating, importing, curating, merging, and displaying Full text RSS as well as Atom feeds. With RSS Post Importer it will find RSS feed and publish the full article content of each feed item as a stand-alone post. Thus, you don’t have to be present all the time to manage the RSS feed.

However, of course, you do have some options. You can choose to display only titles, instead of the whole article if you want. You can also set the number of posts and category for each feed as well as which authors to assign imported content to. Finally, you can block search indexing so your content doesn’t appear in certain search results as well as view the feed items for distribution in easy-to-understand charts.


Smart RSS

smart rss

This plugin allows you to save, edit, manage, and delete any item in your RSS feed. It will also save your RSS items as a post in a new and clean page, so you can do what you want with them. The plugin also has an extra widget in your sidebar to help manage your feed.

You can make images in feeds the featured image very easily and search and filter all of your saved items. You don’t need to know any coding and the plugin comes with shortcodes to show specific feeds. Finally, there are statistics for each feed as well as a global feed to view from. $14


Ditty RSS Ticker

ditty rss ticker

This multi-functional plugin allows you to easily add multiple feeds to your site through either shortchodes, direct functions, or in a custom Ditty News Ticker Widget. You can customize the display of any number of desired RSS feeds in a scroller, rotator, list, or widget.

You have many options for how to display and run the feed. There is a fixed cache time setting you can set as well as a “nofollow” on feed item links. This plugin has made numerous adjustments that it had problems with in earlier times. However, note that this plugin requires a Ditty News Ticket to be installed.



meo reader

This plugin lets you subscribe to other web sties, topics, podcasts, or other options offered through RSS feeds so you don’t have to continuously check various websites to find articles. You can read all the content from different sources on a regular basis in the same place.

With meoReader you can share articles and generate posts easily, or save/favorite articles in an archive. Organizing subscriptions into categories is easy and effective and you can import your Google Reader subscriptions through the Google Takeout Service. Audio podcasts can be listened to directly through your browser and you can create anonymous outgoing links through the anonym.to service.


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