5 Best WordPress Cache Plugins


Without memory people are lost. The same is true with caches and WordPress sites. A good-quality cache plugin is important so that your data is safely stored and accessible, while cleaned out of unnecessary data. Here are some of the best WordPress cache plugins to speed up your WordPress blog. Best WordPress Cache Plugin W3 Total … Read more

10 Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes

constructzine theme

Responsive themes are important for visitors and for website creators. In a world where people have multiple devices and use them on a regular basis, being able to switch from device and get the same image display is of supreme importance. Here are 10 of the best free responsive WordPress themes. Best Free Responsive WordPress … Read more

5 Best Contact Form WordPress Plugins

contact form

Organizing and maintaining contact with people is an essential part of our culture – and increasingly important if you own a website. There are plugins you can download to drastically increase your communication with visitors to your site. So following are the 5 best contact form WordPress plugins: Best Contact Form WordPress Plugins 1. Contact … Read more

5 Best WordPress Comment Plugins

One of the beauties and the stresses of the virtual world is that people can post anything then want, whenever they want. It’s important as a site owner that you can control the comments and provide users with the best experience to offer feedback and share the qualities your site has to offer. These are … Read more

10 Best Premium Responsive WordPress Themes


With people constantly switching from device to device by the hour of the day, having a comprehensive responsive theme is both important for user as well as visitor. Here are 10 of the best premium responsive WordPress themes; while some are pricey, they provide access to other services not always available in the free options. … Read more

7 Best Coupon Plugins For WordPress

In the consumer driven society we live in today people get quickly attached and attracted to sales and deals. Adding coupons and other offers to your site has the ability to increase traffic. There are plugins available to help be innovative and help manage the advertising on your site. Following are the 7 best coupon plugins … Read more

10 Best WordPress Tutorial Courses (eBooks)

WordPress can be a daunting idea to a person who has never operated one. However, there are many resources existing to make it easier. Here are eBooks for sale and download to learn everything from the basics to the complicated. WordPress for Dummies, 6th Edition   This brand name how-to book has sold over 105,000 … Read more

5 Best WordPress Portfolio Themes

gk portfolio

Beautiful artwork can exist, but without proper presentation it can go unnoticed. These portfolio themes for your site will help enhance your existing work and bring peoples’ attention to it in new and interesting ways. Choose the one you like the most from the following 5 best WordPress portfolio themes: Best WordPress Portfolio Themes 1. … Read more

5 Best WordPress Membership Plugins

Turing a usual WordPress site into a membership site is a daunting task if you’re starting from scratch. Coding this on your own or hiring a developer to do it for you is just plain stupid as we already have so many plugins in the market that help us create a fully fledged membership site with little … Read more

3 Best WordPress Gallery Plguins

go portfolio

There are a lot of fully loaded wordPress gallery plugins in the market, some plugins are available free and some of these can be purchased from different online stores. First of all let me explain the purpose of gallery plugins in the web portal as the name it self describes the meaning clearer that they … Read more