5 Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Surveys are a powerful way to reach out to customers and website visitors; they provide a good opportunity to ensure them that you care about their perspective, get their opinions, and sometimes just have some good-natured fun. Here are the 5 best WordPress survey plugins that’ll help create surveys that are flexible so you can fit them to the needs of your site.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Quiz Master

quiz and survey

This plugin allows you to create unlimited quizzes, tests, surveys, and contact forms. You create the quiz, add it to any page you want using a shortcode, and then the results will be saved when the user takes the quiz. There is no limit to the questions and answers on the quizzes and they can have images, YouTube videos, and other features.

The text blocks throughout the quiz and the submit button can be customized as can the types of questions. You can have multiple choice questions, numbers, captchas, or accept-like responses. After users take quizzes the plugin can send them an email with the results. The message can be customized with your text. Finally, the plugin will display statistics that show how many times the quizzes have been viewed and taken and show you graphs to keep track of your data.


POWr Survey

powr survey

With this plugin you can edit in your live web page as you create surveys that can be placed anywhere. The installation process takes only a few minutes and then you drop the widget anywhere in your theme.

The plugin comes with unlimited inputs for text, dropdowns and checkboxes. There are templates to choose from, or you can customize the look of the surveys choosing the fonts, colors, and backgrounds. You can set up automated e-mails or “thank you” messages when the surveys are submitted and the responses are stored for later.


WP Form Builder Feedback Survey & Quiz

wordpress form

This plugin comes with over 100 fonts, 35 form elements, 960 icons, and over 30 themes to choose from. There is drag and drop capabilities in the Form Builder making it easy to customize and create surveys. Quizzes and forms can be created with score-able elements. You just score the options and the system will automatically generate the scores from all the questions.

Built into the plugin is a survey analytics system with detailed chart statistics and a built in quiz system that assigns scores to MCQs. There is a clear display of the user activity so you can see their submissions and manage responses easily.


Form Generator

form generator

With the drag and drop interface you can create forms quickly and get real-time previews of the surveys as you’re creating them. Coding is not necessary and your forms will work right out of the box. Colors, typography, size, labels, input fields, and the submit button, are all customizable features.

After surveys are taken you will receive a copy of the submitted form in your inbox and you can send notifications to the website visitors. You can customize the response e-mails and send them to some or all of the participants. Visitors will be able to upload files on the server and receive uploads as e-mail attachments so communication is made exceedingly easy. Finally, there is strong spam protections with captcha fields so you know that the message is being sent by a real person.


Bolder Surveys

bolder surveys

This new plugin is still adapting but provides strong support for survey making. The questions use a variety of input types and also have defined options to choose from. You can setup simple questions and complex grid tables as well as customize the survey you create with a drag and drop interface.

Graphical statistics and charts will generate showing the survey results. There are minimum requirements and input fields that you can set personally. Also, you can decide to open the survey to everyone or just restrict it to some users. Finally, you can set up the start dates and end dates of surveys so you don’t necessarily have to be there on those days to close it out.


These are the 5 best WordPress survey plugins to help you create surveys on your site.

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