5 Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins

Social media is now where people look for first for their news and information. Often time spent on social media is spent browsing aimlessly until people come across something interesting. Thus, getting your site onto these social media platforms can be incredibly huge. Here are 5 best WordPress social sharing plugins that allow you to share your site with various social media sites.

Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins

Sharify Social Share Buttons


This plugin is simple but moves fast and allows you to seamlessly share from your page to social websites. There are responsive buttons for twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, Pocket, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Email, and VKontake.

You have the ability to hide and display the sharing buttons as well as change the color of sharing buttons. You can also display the share counts for twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Very simple, but you can customize all aspects of the plugin.


Cresta Social Share Counter

cresta social

This plugin supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It shows the social counter and allows you to choose from up to 9 button styles to display on your site. There are fade animation options or you can show the buttons as floating to garner more attention. Finally, you can decide if the social buttons will be before or after the post or page content and you can use the shortcode to display the social buttons anywhere.


Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

easy social share

This plugin is linked with 20 different social networks that you can link to and share. You can also set up a Love This button, a More button, and options to print and email share. There are 12 native social buttons, skin native buttons, and social privacy options.

With 19 built-in templates and a template customizer you can individualize the site with. There are also 11 display locations, 4 buttons styles, 9 counter styles, and 4 total counter styles to choose from. You can add a Social Fans Counter with different visual templates. Additionally, there are social metrics and click log and analytics so you cannot only display your social sharing progression, but track it effectively as well.


Social Share & Locker Pro

social share

This plugin comes equipped with 10 themes that are flat retina templates and fully responsive, to optimize your social sharing capabilities. There are different social display options so you can show the social sharing in the side, above or below the content, inside the content, in boxes, on popups, on images, or in locked content.

You can make small decisions, which can have a big effect. For instance, you can display the whole name of the Social Sharing title, or just the social icon. The Animation Show Up option can display social flax boxes with 35 different animation effects. There are also responsive columns to display social icons in set columns for a cleaner display. Lastly, you can display your shares to people can see how well you are doing.


iShare jQuery Sharing Buttons

ishare wordpress

This is a good, small and simple plugin to get more traffic to your site by spreading your content on different social media platforms. Powered by jQuery it is supported with: dig, delicious, newsvine, facebook, linkedin, yahoo, reddit, twitter, Technorati, google, live, mix, myspace, netvibes, tumblr, and stumbleupon.

There are 2 types of displays – buttons or inlines and shortcodes support to add the ishare anywhere on posts or pages. You can define the pages or posts that should have the sharing buttons have allow it to hover somewhere on the page or have a sharing box appear on the mouse hover.


These are 5 best WordPress social sharing plugins that allow you to share your site content on various social networking sites.

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