3 Best WordPress Gallery Plguins

There are a lot of fully loaded wordPress gallery plugins in the market, some plugins are available free and some of these can be purchased from different online stores.

First of all let me explain the purpose of gallery plugins in the web portal as the name it self describes the meaning clearer that they are used to display images; either they can be static images or some sort of animations.

Now a days as the technology is progressing so the gallery plugins are also moving a step forward they are now coming with all the features like social sharing, branding and sliders compatibility.

Today we are in the era of marketing and the marking mostly depends upon the show off for your business or a product; as for the show off is concerned we will definitely think about Front-End of your web portal if you are providing any online services to your business. Gallery Plugins will give a professional touch to your Front-End according to your requirements.

Today we are going to discuss 3 top of the list WordPress Gallery Plugins which are most popular among the Front-End Developers.

In this list of top 3 gallery plugins; Some Plugins come with free life time license and some can be purchased from online stores.

Best WordPress Gallery Plguins

1. Gmedia Gallery

gmedia gallery

Another wonderful option is Gmedia Gallery plugin because this plugin has the ability to show your image gallery in 13 different unique and attractive styles, images can be displayed as thumbnails with different type of light boxes or if you want a slider then you have an option to add thumbnails beneath the slider showing images of the slider. This plugin has various animation styles for sliders ranging from fun to professional styles.

You can use any animation styles like without disturbing the quality of your images. Now a days smart phones are mostly used and its the trend of touch screen devices so this plugin fits in all touch supported devices as you can move the sliders with swiping the your finger on touch screen devices.

One can easily upload audio or video albums with their descriptions and rating buttons in these sliders as-well.


2. WP Canvas – Gallery

go portfolio
This plugin is one of the most favorite Gallery plugins because if you have a large set of images and you want them to show on your web in a professional way then you must try WP Canvas plugin.

Smoothness and speed of its work is fabulous and worth describing. It also has various elegant slider styles built in and you can easily customize different things like where you want to put the arrows in between the sliders or if you are interested in displaying your images in a gallery style then you can choose and customize that how many columns or rows you want to display. You can also customize the hovering effects on the images like if you want the name of any image to be displayed straight under the image or it can be displayed when you hover over the image.

WP Canvas is best in adjusting the quality of your images and adjust them according to the dimensions of the window without disturbing the quality of the image.

This plugin can be used for any purpose like portfolio or gallery view. You should try such an amazing plugin because this is totally free in the market and is fully loaded.


3. Go – Responsive Portfolio

go portfolio

This plugin has a lot of features yet so simple. This plugin is totally responsive like it can adjust its visibility according to the screen resolution, if it is a smart phone screen then it will show in such a way that it fits to the screen without disturbing any other data or images. I will highly recommend this plugin if you want to use it for a portfolio purpose because it will make your portfolio stunning.

You can customize this plugin very easily because it has a percentage based grid system that can be modified up-to 10 rows and columns. Also thumbnail images sizes and light boxes can be modified via editor in this plugin. You will definitely love this plugin if you are working for a portfolio.


These are the 3 best WordPress gallery plugins handpicked by our expert WordPress users.

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