5 Best WordPress Booking Plugins

Whether you run a real estate firm, own a coffee shop, or are giving out other services, it’s important to maintain organization and give people every opportunity to get to your service. Online booking has become an increasingly popular way to schedule appointments and its important your site is up to date. Here are the 5 best WordPress booking plugins that will help you add booking abilities to your blog.

Best WordPress Booking Plugins

Booking Calendar

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This plugin enables online booking services for your WordPress site. It makes it so that your visitors can check the availability of the services that you offer and can make bookings. For real estate agencies, showing listings of apartments, houses, hotel rooms, etc. becomes exceeding easy.

The visitors will be able to select the days in the calendar and fill in booking form fields on your site, all of which are customizable features. They can submit a booking at which point they will receive notification emails and you, too, will receive an email which you can approve or decline. The bookings are stored in your database so you don’t need a third party account and there is a Booking Admin Panel that displays the bookings in a calendar view and listing table so you can review the data very quickly.


WP Simple Booking Calendar

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WP Simple Booking Calendar allows you to quickly create calendars so you can show when services are available. It can be used as a booking/availability calendar for holiday homes, hotels, B&Bs, etc. Or it can be used for rooms, offices, cars, boats, equipment, shifts for a business, etc.

You create a booking calendar and set a status per date. It’s possible to generate a token to insert into the booking calendar in either a page or post. You can also set it up so that the calendar is a widget. Finally, the information can be translated to other languages using PO files with this plugin.


Event Booking Pro

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Event Booking Pro allows unlimited events to be recorded in the calendar. It’s integrated with Google Maps and Paypal. There are shortcodes provided to create a responsive calendar, a lazy load calendar, a responsive event box, and a responsive event button.

You can list events based on filters and create events easily. It is all customizable from text, color, size, padding, borders, and more. You can send e-mails through the calendars as well as add from Google Calendar.



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This is a great plugin for you and your customers. The customers enter the web page with a booking form and they choose the one of the services listed that you’re providing, as well as a staff member, days, and hours. From these options they will be given a calendar and time page that shows available times they can book something. Then they reserve their time providing some personal details. Finally, they pay (and they can with PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.Net. And then they receive an email with the information.

The plugin is integrated with Google Calendar so it can import the data into your already existing calendar. From the admin side you can choose from many options to fit the given business model. There are customizable appearance settings, time slot starting times and lengths, as well as weekly color-coded calendar views. You can view employee and member profiles as well as program email notifications to be sent to customers or service providers and export everything to CSV.



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Booki is unique in that the bookings set on your site will adapt to the customers timezones. That way, no one has an excuse to be late. The forms builder allows you to create solutions to nearly any type of booking system you are trying to manage. You can set up optional billing settings so if there are multiple service, they can be associated with different costs.

The costs for your services can vary by the day, week, etc. It is all set to your tastes. You will get a Bookings page in your dashboard where you can manage the bookings, and set a calendar from 24 that are given with the plugin. Lastly, you can send out invoices to solicit payments after booking.


These are the 5 best WordPress booking plugins that will help you add event and calender booking abilities to your WordPress site.

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