5 Best WordPress FAQ Plugins

FAQ pages are important for both visitors and website owners. The customer is at ease when they see there questions are common, have been anticipated, and thought of. Additionally, it’s good for website owners to not have to respond to a number of individual queries and concerns, and focus their input on different and more individualized questions. These 5 best WordPress FAQ plugins help you create and setup FAQs.

Best WordPress FAQ Plugins

Acronix FAQ

This plugin allows you to display FAWs using a supplied shortcode. From there you can show and hide them in an animated, jQuery toggle or accordion box. You can show the FAQ’s in groups and tag them as you create the questions and answers themselves. The FAQs can be loaded closed or open and there’s an option to “return to top” at the bottom.


SP Faq Plugin with Accordion

wp responsive

This plugin adds a “FAQ” tab to the admin menu allowing you to enter FAQ Title and Description items in the same way that you would any other post. You can use shortcodes to customize your site with this program. For instance, you can add FAQs to categories after making your FAQ page within minutes. You can also add thumb images for the FAQs and accordion effect to the page.


Sugar FAQs

sugar faqs

With Sugar FAQs they are displayed in an accordion style fashion. That can be organized into separate topics and provide a coherent organization of questions so you can guide your user.

The FAQs function through CSS3 for newer browsers and through jQuery with Internet Explorer. Regardless, they will fit within any theme you’ve chosen. They are very flexible and the plugin includes a front end FAQ submission form so users can submit their own questions. When they do so a new FAQ is automatically created and you have the option to review it and publish it or reject it.


Accordion FAQ WordPress

wp plugin

With this plugin you can create multiple FAQ pages and choose your desired style. There are both accordion style and list style FAQ. There are custom templates to set up your FAQ page the way you like it.

The plugin comes with step by step instructions about how to install and set it up. Also, it’s translation ready through the use of Poedit tool. Finally, It keeps itself up to date with the latest WordPress versions through View Changelog, so you don’t have to worry about falling too far behind.




FAQPlus is a plugin for FAQ pages that is completely customizable with CSS. There are over 25 animation effects that come with the plugin and you can display it anywhere in the post, page, widget, or theme with shortcodes given. There is unlimited colors and fonts for your choosing. Lastly, you can add texts, images, and videos with drag and drop settings to the FAQ page, with the ability to reorder and edit as you create it.


These are the 5 best WordPress FAQ plugins help you create FAQ pages on your WordPress site.

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