5 Best WordPress Review Plugins

If you’re selling a service or product on your site it’s essential that there is some sort of review system. People, plain and simple, don’t buy products and services without prior knowledge anymore. Having a good system to display and track user reviews is crucial for them to feel that their voice is being heard, other users to get a sense of validity and trust in your site, and you to understand what is working and not working. Here are the 5 best WordPress review plugins that help you add review functionality on your site.

Best WordPress Review Plugins

WP Review

wp review

This plugin allows your visitors to browse and review content easily without effecting the speed or functioning of your site. This lightweight plugin creases views using stars, percentage, or point ratings. It has translation support and it’s responsive.

The plugin is customizable – you can set Global Position and change the Global colors as well as review colors and positions. The colors are unlimited, and you can also control what fields to ask for, require, and display. A tabbed widget is included to show the more recent and popular reviews.


WP Product Review

wp product review

Though similar in name to the previous plugin, WP Product Review has some different features. The plugin allows for more in-depth reviews, ratings, and user reviews that can be displayed anywhere you like. It comes with custom review icons, preloader functionatliy and settings to have a pro/con display.

In addition to exposing your reviews wherever you’d like (using shortcode) you can add a buy now button in the post. There is direct amazon integration if your products are on amazon and you can embed multiple products in posts and pages. You can edit the colors, enable or disable the affiliate button, and change icons on the options page that comes with the plugin.


Reviewer WordPress Plugin

reviewer wordpress

With Reviewer WordPress plugin you can insert reviews, comparison tables and recap boxes in blog posts and pages easily. The reviews and tables are easy to format – you just type in the criteria and it forms itself. There are 9 customizable themes for tables, reviews, scores, ranges, colors, labels, and font sizes.

For the user ratings you can choosing from a standard 5 star view, to a setup where they can rate each review criteria, or use sliders and starts. The plugin comes with customizable widgets to display reviews and ratings, as well as settings to import and export and adjust your preferences. The admin features allow you to manage the users’ ratings, privileges, and moderations. So while they have a voice, you have the power.


Was This Helpful?


This is not exact a review plugin but it is centered on helping both visitors as well as WordPress site owners for writing reviews. It will post questions like “Did you find this blog useful?” with “Yes” or “No” answer options. If the visitor responds “no” then a box pops up asking them why and what you, the site owner, can do to help. This not only gives them a sense of having their voice being heard but you the opportunity to learn and optimize.

You can view statistics of the yes/no responses quickly in your settings and enable the plugin to be applied on posts, pages, or custom post types. You can also check which categories you want to be displayed as well as the phrases for feedback that may arise if they are dissatisfied. However, there are some built-in options if you’re not sure where to start.


Google Play Box

google play

Though the plugin is geared toward reviews for Google Play Store Apps it allows you to create review boxes for any subject in your posts. There is simple shortcode that allows you to use CSS to customize and style the boxes. There are translatable services for the boxes as well as built-in caches.

A bonus for using this plugin is that they are uniquely charitable in their approach. They are beginning now to donate 10% of all their earnings to different charity organizations every month.


These are the 5 best WordPress review plugins that’ll help you add review functionality on your site.

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