5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Last year 170,000 WordPress sites were hacked. With all the work you are putting into creating and managing your site, it’s simply not worth the risk to not protect it. Here are some of the best WordPress Security Plugins to download to keep your content and site safe.

Best WordPress Security Plugins

1. Wordfence – Securing Your WordPress Website

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This security plugin gets off to an immediate start once installed by checking to see if it is already infected. A scan of the server-side of the source code takes place and compares it to the WordPress repository for core, theme, and plugin irregularities.

Wordfence has Falcon Engine – the fastest engine available. It reduces the web server disk and database activity to a minimum. Wordfence can also block known attackers in real time, not having to do later clean up. The plugin includes a firewall to block the more common security threats like fake Googlebots and constantly scans for over 44,000 known malware variants.


2. SmartFilter Security

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Smart Filter is backed by modern algorithms, which understands how content behaves, in order to subsequently stop code injections. It can sense cross-site scripting more strongly than older traditional firewalls and security solutions. So, it filters them out instantly.

SmartFilter does not conflict with other plugins or solutions and works with all web hosting providers. It also ensures outside security as it does not save original request data. The filter stores statistics deemed unsafe and severe, but innocent data will not be held.


3. Events Logger

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Events Logger is a plugin that allows you to know which users have performed certain actions on the site. The plugin logs events in the admin and you are easily able to stay informed at all timed.

Additionally, you have more control as you can filter through the logged events, and choose to receive notification for certain events. Essentially, it is very easy to know the goings-on of your own site.

Unfortunately, it is not compatible with many other plugins including popular ones such as WooCommerce. $7


4. Login Ninja

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This plugin protects login and register forms with captcha. It can automatically ban malicious IPs that there have been problems with in the past and redirect users based on roles and usernames.

You can choose to get email notifications for login events, which can protect the site from unwanted login attacks. Furthermore, you can protect your site by preventing bots from registering. $17


5. Swift Security

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The Swift Security plugin hides the fact that your are using WordPress from visitors. There is a built-in firewall to block and malicious requests and a code scanner can be scheduled to browse through codes looking for malicious segments.

There is also a Spam Blocker, a CSS/JS minifier, an IP/GEO filter and Anti-Brute Force. You can set up Email and push notifications to your device to be notified about the activity. And you have control over changing strings in the code. Importantly, Swift Security is compatible with most plugins. $19


These were the 5 best WordPress Security Plugin. Download one now to make your website more secure!

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