5 Best WordPress Calendar Plugin

With the over-stimulated world we live in people must constantly stay on top of their plans and keep to tight schedules. Both as a website owner and as a visitor having features to manage your events is crucial. Here are some options that are flexible and can suit a variety of needs.

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This plugin allows you to have multiple events and then to organize them according to your needs. Spider Event Calendar makes it possible to take quick looks at the calendars to see future appointments or display them in a widget to customize the calendar on your site.

The plugin comes with a widget called Upcoming events to organize the near events that can be randomized or customized. You can also display the calendar in a smaller format to appear on other pages with the Calendar widget. Finally, there were different categories for the calendar to manage the different types of events.


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This plugin has customizable features to display and manage your events. There is a standard caledndar grid and list views of events that come with the plugin. You can show events in a monthly, weekly, or daily view. There is also a small calendar view for smaller displays.

Widgets that come with My Calendar are: today’s events, upcoming events, compact calendar, and event search. There are custom templates for event outputs and editable CSS styles and Javascript behaviors.


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Event On is a high-rated and jam-packed calendar plugin. You can set event times and dates easily as they appear as well as color code different types. There are calendar widgets that are customizable and shortcode generators for customizable use.

You can integrate Google Maps to the location place and provide directions through the integration. Images can be uploaded to represent events and you can rearrange event data easily. There are 5 categories that you can create for the types of events and there are 3 different content types to create meta fields. $28


  1. WordPress Pro Event Calendar

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This plugin has responsive layouts and is cross-browser supported. You can set up your calendar on daily, weekly, or monthly occurrences, and allow your users to submit events.

This theme is also Google Map supported with events. It’s also easily translatable to other languages and drag gable so customization does not take up too much time. There’s an option to subscribe to calendars so that you can get newsletters (supported by MailChimp) and there is iCal export and import capabilities. Finally, you can filter events by categories. $20


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Event Booking Pro allows unlimited events to be recorded in the calendar. It’s integrated with Google Maps and Paypal. There are shortcodes provided to create a responsive calendar, a lazy load calendar, a responsive event box, and a responsive event button.

You can list events based on filters and create events easily. It is all customizable from text, color, size, padding, borders, and more. You can send e-mails through the calendars as well as add from Google Calendar. $30


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