5 Best WordPress Rating Plugins

Statistics show that only about one percent of website visitors share content on their social feed. Less than one percent of visitors leave comments and subscribe to mailing lists. Thus, rating systems are strong and effective ways to get feedback and interact with users. Here are plugins that optimize your communication through ratings.

  1. Rating-Widget: Star Rating System

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Rating-Widget provides opportunities to add ratings to posts, pages, comments, WooCommerce products, BuddyPress activities, bbPress forum topics, custom post types, and author reviews.

You can create and manage ratings from within your WordPress dashboard. Thumb and star ratings can be embedded into the post. The settings are customizable, cross-browser friendly, translatable, and CSS3 compatible. There are unlimited amounts of thumb and star ratings that can be used.


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This plugin allows users to place star ratings into your posts and pages. It has mouse over effects and animations (like the fueling of stars). The plugin includes a widget so you can display the better rated posts in the sidebar as well as filter them by category. It supports google rich snippets and indexes ratings in google searches.

There is a custom template tag and function available. You can decide where the ratings should be shown, and if you want to choose manually or have the ratings be automatically linked to pages, posts, etc. There’s no shortcode – just a visual button in the editor to display the ratings manually. Ratings will also be shown in Google search results bringing more traffic to your site. You can choose your own images, change the amount of stars anytime, reset ratings, and adjust messages and strings at your convenience.


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This plugin is a pretty standard ratings plugin but it comes with the ability to do a lot of customization. There are unlimited colors and unlimited review criteria. With numerous typography options and over 500 Google webfonts to choose from, you’re bound to find something that matches the style of your site.

It comes with RTL support and Google Rich Snippets. You can choose from stars, points, or percentage for your rating systems and all of the above support custom post types. $16


  1. Reviewer WordPress Plugin

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Not only can you insert reviews with this plugin but you can also insert comparison tables to blog posts and pages quickly and easily. These are great versatile tools for recaps, post reviews, and more powerful user rating systems.

To begin you create a review template and insert a personal review into the posts or pages. There are 9 responsive themes you can choose from and customize to your liking. There are options you have to send email notifications after reviews are left. Also, you can show scores as stars inside the reviews list shortcode, you can also decide if scores of zero can be left or not. CSS rules can be easily altered in the preferences page and custom tabs can be created. $24


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This plugin is geared towards creating rating forms. You can use tooltips to make the forms your own and you can use multiple rating forms at the same time. Each rating form has its own stylesheet and you can add inside comments if you desire.

It’s easy to switch to displaying the rating result and there are custom shapes, sizes, and images to choose from. You can decide which post types and which user roles are allowed. There are live rating statistics that you can see immediately and you can also limit ratings based on the time duration that you can set. $18


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