5 Best WordPress Cache Plugins

Without memory people are lost. The same is true with caches and WordPress sites. A good-quality cache plugin is important so that your data is safely stored and accessible, while cleaned out of unnecessary data. Here are some of the best WordPress cache plugins to speed up your WordPress blog.

Best WordPress Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache


With over 900,000 installs W3 Total Cache proves to be one of the most popular cache plugins on the market. W3 is compatible with shared hosting, and various types of servers.

There are numerous types of caching with the plugin. There is caching of minified and compressed pages and posts as well as minified and compressed CSS and JavaScript in memory, on disk, or on CDN. There is caching of search results pages and database objects.

The plugin allows minification of posts, pages, feeds, embedded/3rd part JavaSctips and CSS. Furthermore, you can see future expire headers and entity tags by using the cache-control.


WP Fastest Cache


WP Fastest cache replaces the need of RAM and CPU to render the data much faster. The plugin comes equipped with Mod_Rewrite – a very fast caching method.

The plugin will delete the cached files once the page is publish and the user has the ability to delete any or all files from the options page. The user can also delete minified css and js files from the options page. You can set a Cache timeout so that all the files are deleted at a preset time. Furhter, you can control the enabling of the cache options for mobile users and logged-in users.


Fresh Performance Cache


Fresh Performance Cache allegedly has a 60% improvement rating for both mobile and desktops. It uses gzip compression to compress larger files, and has features to combine the already cached files. It is easy to access the information as an admin in the dashboard.

The plugin cannot only be bought and used by existing WordPress sites but can also be used for ThemeForest authors. It can be included in their themes with an extended license so users can be secured without separately purchasing a theme.


WordPress Booster-Caching Plugin


This plugin is far more simple than the former one but it still provides simple and quick caching for your site. The installation process is exceedingly simple as you just click “Cache All Pages” and the plugin does the rest.

The plugin comes with gzip compression capabilities to increase the speed of the site. You can also manage the caching of the pages and posts with time created settings. Finally, you are always able to check if the page has used cached content.


Smart Cleanup Tools


This plugin comes with caching tools as well as many others to keep your site clean from spam and excess data. It removes cached RSS records, optimizes database overhead, schedules cleanups, and more.

Tools come with the plugin to move a wide range of records – published posts, spammed posts, orphaned posts, auto-draft posts, empty postmeta records, unapproved contents, etc. The admin has the power to disable any tools from the plugin settings panel so you have only the information and memory you desire.


These are the 5 best WordPress cache plugins to optimize the page loading speed of your WordPress blog.

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