6 Best Slider WordPress Plugins

Having slides on your site is a great way to enhance user experience – allowing visitors to see multiple aspects of your offerings quickly. However, accessibility and image quality of the slides can greatly impact the perspective of the visitor. Here are some of the best slider WordPress plugins to help you add sliding facility to your blog.

Best Slider WordPress Plugins



MetaSlider is the most popular WordPress slider plugin. It’s user-friendly and visually appealing. You can create slideshows quickly and easily by selecting images from the media library, dragging and dropping them into place, setting captions, links, and SEO fields, all from a single page.

There are 4 different slideshow types. Flex Slider 2 is responsive, has 2 transition effects and carousel mode. Nivo Slider, also responsive, has 16 transition effects and 4 themes. Responsive Slides, also responsive and said to be light weight. And Coin Slider, with 4 transition effects. You just use provided shortcodes or templates to embed one of the types in your blog.


Huge-IT Slider

huge it slider

This plugin uses autogenerated shortcodes to make it easy to customize the sliders and add them to specific locations. It comes with an unlimited amount of images to add to the slider as well as image titles and description.

You can add URLs to the slider as well as specific pages. Further, you can use different sliders for different pages and incorporate hyperlinks to titles. It’s also possible to add slider in widgets from the admin panel and you can use as many as desired in one page. Finally, the plugin comes with a smart target features, so inner links will open within the page, while outsourced links will open in different tabs or pages.


Slider Revolution

slider revolution

This fully responsive slider plugin works with any dimension on all devices. It comes with a timeline view for the slide editor, various loop animations and captions, and parallax layer effects. The visual editor allows you to easily build slides by customizing layer and timing by using drag and drop methods.

You can also import and export sliders with full content to be used in themes or move them to another WordPress installation. If you need to show captions in a different language, Slider Revolution has multi-language capabilities as it is certified for WPML and qTranslate Plugin. $18



layer slider

This plugin prides itself of creating a visually pleasant experience for users and visitors. It’s multipurpose and is geared toward creating image galleries, content sliders, and great slide shows with custom effects. It comes with over 200 2D and 3D slide transitions and has drag and drop capabilities for customization as well as real-time previews so you can edit and work at the same time.

You can add images, texts, custom HTML, YouTube and Vimeo videos, and HTML5 self-hosted multimedia into sliders. Also, there is a timeline view available and Google Fonts and transition builder to customize animations. LayerSlider uses lazy load and conditional script loading to operate quickly, and it is fully responsive for all devices.


Master Slider

master slider

This plugin is fully responsive and designed to be a content slider for WordPress. It has animated layers, 6 interactive transitions, and smart preloading abilities.

You can add HTML contents, images, texts, with the later slider. With the Master slider, hotspots, thumbnails, and Video support are all included. You can drag and drop to create and customize your slides as well as review instantaneously with the real time preview. Aligning objects and snapping elements into the appropriate position is easier than ever and no code is necessary to edit the visual styles.



royal slider

Like all other Gallery plugins RoyalSlider is a powerful plugin that allows you to make an attractive Front-End slider that fits to your imaginations.

RoyalSlider contains a bundle of templates, color schemes and skins that can be applied very easily with a single click. The best thing about this plugin which you want to listen is; it can be used with both WordPress version and HTML version because it uses the same code for both versions and also very easy to apply CSS Styles with one click. Looking at the compatibility of this plugin; it can be used with any theme you want. Its updates are given regularly to enhance its performance.


These are the 6 best slider WordPress plugins that’ll help you create sliders for your blog.

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