7 Best Coupon Plugins For WordPress

In the consumer driven society we live in today people get quickly attached and attracted to sales and deals. Adding coupons and other offers to your site has the ability to increase traffic. There are plugins available to help be innovative and help manage the advertising on your site. Following are the 7 best coupon plugins for WordPress.

Best Coupon Plugins For WordPress

1. Magic WP Coupons – Lite

magic wp

This plugin essentially turns your WordPress theme, they argue “magically,” into a coupon website. You can define stores and add coupons easily in order offer visitors online discount options and entice visitors to continue visiting the site.

The plugin will have or create short codes for different stores, retailers, etc. and you can simply insert the codes into your pages, in your posts, or wherever you want to display the coupons.

The lite version is free and they have a more premium version for sale.


2. Coupon Creator

coupon creator

The Coupon Creator allows you to do exactly what the title suggests – create coupons.

The plugin allows you to create coupons by going to the coupon custom post type and filling in all the settings in the custom meta box. Then you just insert the coupon into a post or page using the shortcode inserter above the content editor.

The coupon displays until the expiration date that is chosen by you or you can check the Ignore Expiration Checkbox and the coupon will display on the site past the expiration date or with no date at all.

You can also customize the presentation of the coupons, changing the colors, etc. You can hide the print links of coupons as well as add custom css to alter the shortcode coupon and print template.


3. Like 2 Discount

 like2 discount

Like2Discount is a plugin that generates discount coupons to all users who like your Facebook Page. It includes email verification for each coupon, so you will get 1 like + 1 customer email in return.

You can setup coupon parameters, modify modal content, set enter/exist transitions, banners to display, and many other are options available. The coupons will activate when the users confirm the address and the emails will then be saved in a database, which can be exported to CSV file format.

You can then customize the presentation of your coupons including the use of banners, position variations, and having a popup when the user click “add to cart” is also an option. $18


4. Viral Coupon – Like, Tweet, or G+ to get a Discount

viral coupon

This plugin is designed to popularize your site by offering discounts if they help optimize your presence by giving Facebook Like, Google+1, or tweets. It’s integrated with WooCommerce so coupons are immediately applied if they offer help.

You can add comments with their Likes and G+s and specify individual links for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the users to share. You can also customize the tweet messages and the “share to receive” messages. Thus, while they’re doing most of the work, you can cater it to your specific needs. $17


5. WordPress Coupon Code Generator

wordpress coupon code generator

WordPress Coupon Code Generator randomly generates coupons using a simple shortcode. There are unlimited uses and infinite combinations of coupon offers so you are sure to find something that suits your visitor’s tastes. You can also create coupon codes, promotional codes, voucher codes, or API keys.

The plugin is customizable and generated strings will be saved in the database so you can view your history in the Admin area and save for reuse and adaptation. $11


6. WooCommerce PDF Vouchers

woocommerce pdf

WooCommerce PDF Vouchers allows you to sell voucher codes that can be used at physical locations. This provides a service not always otherwise found. Stores that sell tickets to evens, class admission tickets, will be interested in this service.

You simple give your customers the ability to se a name, email, and they can message the given place to go and purchase the vouchers. This also creates the chance to build relationships between the site and other companies.

You can customize almost any aspect in this plugin from the logo in the PDF, to the instructions, restrictions, locations, etc. Creating the templates is made easy with Drag & Drop interface and there is a clean and user friendly admin UI to manage everything. $35


7. WooCommerice Coupons Countdown

coupon countdown

Made by the same company this plugin has different features than the previous one. Coupons can be made using built-in attractive styles or you can make your own custom styles with a style sheet.

Coupons with an automatic expiration date show a countdown, while other coupons only show the coupon code. The countdowns will also show up in real time. They are, of course, only rendered if they are valid for the visitor. Additionally, there is an option to limit coupon usage per user, or customize it so that certain coupons are limited to certain users who have purchased certain products. $22


Time to add coupons to your website! Just use one of these 7 best WordPress coupon plugins for your WordPress blog to add the coupon functionality.

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