5 Best Contact Form WordPress Plugins

Organizing and maintaining contact with people is an essential part of our culture – and increasingly important if you own a website. There are plugins you can download to drastically increase your communication with visitors to your site. So following are the 5 best contact form WordPress plugins:

Best Contact Form WordPress Plugins

1. Contact Form 7

contact form

Contact Form 7 manages multiple contact forms while allowing customization to the forms and mail contents easily.

Contact Form 7 also works with a few other plugins such as Flamingo – where you can save submitted messages through the contact forms within the database. Additionally, a plugin such as Bogo works well with Contact Form 7 when translation issues arise. Contact Form 7 also supports nearly a vast number of languages throughout the world.

Contact Form 7 supports Ajaz-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet filtering, as well as others.


2. Fast Secure Contact Form

fast secure

This plugin is equipped with a variety of features to make creating and adding forms to your WordPress site simple and easy.

The plugin comes with standard fields (Name, Email, Subject, Message) which can be disabled if not desired. It is also very easy to add fields of any type. You can back/up and restore the forms with one simple click and it is very easy to send mail to one, some, or all subjects in a given form.

Additionally, you can create schedules and enhance your scheduling through the plugin while remaining a strong sense of security with spam protection, checks, and notifications of recent contacts.

Take care to make sure if you have already chosen a theme that it is responsive with the contact forms as not all are.


3. Gravity Forms


The features on this plugin have new Groups setting provided for each form, so group membership assignments can be organized and handled. You can add users who submit a form to one or more groups and add them to groups based on form fields.

You must have Gravity Forms 1.8x or higher and the Groups plugin already installed on the WordPress site to use this plugin. Also, some features require Gravity Forms Add-Ons, which are only available to those that have Gravity Forms Developer license.


4. Ninja Kick

ninja kick

Ninja Kick uses a different approach for contact forms than most. It adds hidden form with push and sliding to reveal animation on all pages of the site.

It uses modern CSS3 transitions, and its layout will change based on screen size. It works well on mobile devices and with swipe functioning.

There are built-in forms which can be extended with a limited number of additional fields – Company, Phone, Address, and Email Subject. You can also use a free form created by Contact Form 7 and simply place it to the sidebar instead of using one of the Ninja Kick defaults. You can also adjust colors, directions of animation, and backgrounds to add personal flare.


5. Contact Form 7 Storage (Contact Form 7 Extension)


This plugin is the premier version of the above listen Contact Form 7. It will copy all of the Contact Form 7 submissions and attachments into your WordPress database when purchased. Forms and entries are stored safely if your e-mail crashes, goes missing, or gets deleted.

With this newer version it is easy to export form submissions as CSV. You can export them all or decide which to export by date and other filters to maintain organization.

Other information that will be stored is time and date of entry, email addresses, subject lines, attachments, URL postages, IP addresses, and browser and device information.


It’s very easy to add a contact form to your website when you have all these best contact form WordPress plugins. Test them to find the most suitable one for your website.

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