7 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress is currently used by more than 50 million websites – by individuals as well as professional businesses. Search Engine Optimization is incredibly important in creating, promoting, and maintaining any site. Here are 7 best WordPress SEO plugins that you can use to enhance your on-site SEO to help you boost your site rankings.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

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One of the most popular SEO plugins WordPress SEO by Yoast takes care of technical optimization from the ground. By forcing you to choose a focus keyword when writing articles and making sure you use the focus keyword everywhere, it also helps you to create better content.

It comes equipped with a snippet preview so you can see a rendering of what your post or page will look like in searches by visitors, while allowing you to write meta titles and descriptions for categories, tags, and archives.

With compatible themes such as Genesis or WooThemes you can use the Breadcrumbs functionality to create and customize easy navigation on your site, enhancing the experience of the visitor.

The plugin does not support the general WordPress SEO plugin on listen on the forums and the premium plugin gives access to many other features.


2. All in One SEO Pack

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Another popular option is the All in One SEO Pack plugin. Although there is a premium option to this plugin the free one is well equipped with Google Analytics support, and support for SEO on Custom Post Types.

There is Nonce Secuity built into the plugin so you do not have to install a second one and it is the only plugin to provide SEO Integration for WP e-Commerce sites. It generates META tags automatically and optimizes titles for Google and other search engines.


3. SEO Wizard

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SEO Wizard is a plugin that optimizes organization on WordPress and gives a more objective view of your content. It helps formulate content by providing a snippet feature where the user can quickly see what the page will look like before sharing it with the internet community. Thus, it will tell you if titles and captions are too long or short, etc.

Other features SEO Wizard enhances the site’s hits through search engines. It will index and categorize your pages automatically for search engines so when Internet users click a link they will go directly to the desired page. Additionally, the plugin is capable of including targeted keywords in meta tags, optimizing the connection with Google’s software.

The plugin does not yet have Facebook OpenGraph or Google+ sharing tags. However, they are saying they will be available in the next version of the plugin.


4. SEO Ultimate

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SEO Ultimate comes equipped with a vast range of components to better your site. Firstly, it comes with a Title Tag Rewriter, which can put your post titles at the beginning of the tag to improve the keywords while also allowing custom post types/taxonomies.

Another features is the Meta Description Editor making it easy to increase click through rates by influencing search engine result snippets. The Deeplink Juggernaut feature can search the site’s content for anchor texts and automatically link them to a destinations of your choosing.

Unlike SEO Wizard there is an Open Graph Integrator on SEO Ultimate allowing you to customize the titles, images, and content for every post. The Open Graph Integrator supports the style of Twitter and allows you to fix Facebook and Twitter HTMLs so it validates in the appropriate XHTML or HTML 5 manner.


5. Social SEO Facebook Response Timeline Feed

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This more specific plugin allows you to use Facebook as your newsfeed on your WordPress website. The visitor can then share your Facebook posts to other various social media accounts or follow you for the future.

You can individually set the icons, fonts, and links from a theme plugin of your choosing so it looks fluid and natural.

The plugin uses the JSON Graph API from Facebook so you need an APP Id and APP secret.


6. WordPress SEO Post Optimizer

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This plugin checks important SEO criteria to enable optimization. Onpage SEO is prioritized. It comes with a keyword density check, which can check up to 3 keywords per post.

Every 15 seconds the plugin will refresh and recheck so you can get instant updates of the SEO-Score while you are working. The SEO-Score function will be recorded in percentage to see how much potential the key word has, so you can edit accordingly along the way.

Because Google and other search engines prefer content with more than 300 words Post Optimizer comes with a real time word count check. It will also check and remind you if there is an image, internal links, h-tags, keywords in alt-tags and h-tags, and if the keywords are bolded, italicized, or underlined.


7. SEO Studio for WordPress

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The SEO Studio is a plugin that will integrate with any existing design and website while coming with tools for tracking progress and improving rankings.

It comes equipped with 33 with options for more with studio add-ons. You can allow visitors to sign up, assign groups, and assign group permissions. Additionally, you can track the tools your users use, and what websites they are linking to.

Additionally, you can add your own ad banners from AdSense, BuySell, Double Click, and others. You can embed tools onto your own website without using a database, as well as complete the admin panel to make all usages easy.


These are the 7 best WordPress SEO plugins for your WordPress website. Download one today to optimize your website SEO and boost your search engine visibility and rankings.

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