5 Best WordPress Redirect Plugins

When redirects happen they frustrate visitors and may prevent them from getting to your site. It’s important to be able to manage and control them as problems are bound to come about. Here are plugins that allow you to control redirects, and also provide support for automatic intervention. Following are the 5 best WordPress redirect plugins:

Best WordPress Redirect Plugins

SEO Redirection Plugins

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This plugin allows you to build redirections for your site in a single click. With the plugin you can choose from 301, 302, or 307 redirection easily. You can redirect folders and all the content in the folders by using regular expressions in the redirections.

The plugin supports wildcard redirection and will redirect posts and pages that published, draft, or deleted from the page directly. 404 error pages can be monitored and redirected to a homepage or any other page. There is an advanced control panel to control all the functions of the plugin and neglect the links when you move your site or change the domain name.



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This plugin focuses on managing 301 redirections and keeping track of 404 errors. For the 404 error monitoring features the plugin will capture a log of 404 errors and allow you to map them to the 301 redirections. The “pass through” redirections allow you to pass a URL through to another page, file or websites.

While only a 301 is automatically added you can manually add 301, 302, and 307 redirections for WordPress posts or any other file. There is full regular expression support and you will be able to receive redirection based on the referrer.


WP GeoIP Country Redirect

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This plugin allows you to redirect your visitors based on their country. It will redirect a specific page of your desire and you can add redirect rules for a specific page or the homepage. A new addition to the plugin is that you can create sitewide redirect rules regardless of page, posts, or categories.

Equipped with the plugin is Mass Redirect – a redirect unwanted traffic by adding mass redirect rule. For people in countries not in the admin panel they will be set to a defined location with you will be able to enable or disable. Finally, there is a logging feature to see errors with installation inside the admin panel and recent activity.


5sec Redirect

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With 5sec Redirect you can redirect any URL to a new one, internal, or external URL. There are built-in statistics for redirect rules so you can continuously analyze where the redirections are happening and how many. The plugin works with and without permalinks and there is wildcard support for super-easy URL matching. The plugin is easy to use, and native WP GUI with inline help is available. Finally, the plugin is SEO and referral links supported.


SEO Redirection Pro

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This plugin allows you to set up 301, 302, or 307 redirections. You can use different ways and build rules for all circumstances. You can redirect folders using customized rules for content and sub-folders. The plugin supports regular expression to build redirect custom rules as well as wild card redirection.

The plugin will keep track of all 404 error pages and fix them with 301 redirects. You can make different rules for the 404 error page redirects and add auto redirects when you change the permalinks of posts and pages. The plugin will then provide a full detailed history of all redirects made as well as a list of all new discover 404 error pages.


Here are the 5 best WordPress redirect plugins that’ll help you redirect links on your WordPress blog.

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