5 Best WordPress Map Plugins

If you have a news site, a travel site, a listing site, you will definitely need a map plugin. There are also a number of other types of sites that require certain functions, or are greatly enhanced by having the visual and interactive aid of a map. Here are plugins that help you create and customize maps to your needs.

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With this plugin you can create as many map markers as you’d like by just typing the address. It’s fully responsive with Google maps. You can just as easily edit the map marker by dragging them to locations and clicking on them.

The map can be included as a widget and you can choose from four Google map types: roadmap, terrain, satellite, and hybrid. You can customize your width, height, and zoom level for the Google Map and add animations to the map markers. There is a store locator with the plugin and you can add a weather layer, a cloud layer, a transport later, or a weather layer.


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Leaflet Maps Maker allows you to use maps from OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps, or custom maps. You can pin, organize, and share places and tracks and display them in different and interesting ways. You can also use integrated address search to quickly find places.

There are cover 800 custom free map icons in the Map Icons Collection to choose from. You can add popup descriptions in texts and images for markers and choose the base map, size and zoom levels. Also, you can integrate directions so they are visitors can easily find out where they need to go.


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You can create as many maps as you desire with this plugin. You can make maps of the world, a continent, a country, or a state in the U.S. – all sizes and scales. You can add colored regions to the map and display them either as regions (example: country, state, etc.) or as a marker (city, state, town), etc.

You can add interactivity to the active regions with a tooltip, which will hover over the information as you add it. Also, you can add actions so that when the user clicks in an area it can redirect to a URL, or a display message. The customizable features allow you to alter the background, box border width, inactive regions color, colors for active regions, and marker size. $20


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This plugin works with Google maps and is great for location listings. It comes with over 35 styles to choose from, all of which are customizable. You can create searchable, sortable, filterable lists and create categorized locations with the simple location editor.

There are many other features for customization. You can create markers, icons, and category markers. It’s possible to quickly add locations and let the map auto-zoom show all locations, or manually set it up to only show some. You can easily get and print directions and set sortable options such as by distance, geolocation, or by list. $18


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MapSVG will turn any SVG file into an interactive and/or customizable map. SVG maps and preloaded maps of the World, or many countries can be turned into a customizable map. The plugin is responsive and the maps will display and function well on iPads and iPhones.

The map features are resizable by width and height. You can also set the map up to zoom and pan with a mouse wheel or mouse pointer. The colors are customizable for the base, hover, selected, disabled, and strokes. You can set regions to be redirected clickable links and use tooltips to show country names or custom text. $19


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