5 Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins

The landing page is like the first impression of social interactions. It’s crucial and can set the tone for the rest of the relationship. If you want people to keep coming back for more after the first visit it’s important to have a strong landing page. Here are 5 best WordPress landing page plugins that will help you make the best landing page.

Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins

Parallax Gravity

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Parallax Gravity is a plugin where you can create unlimited landing pages. You can add different sections on each page, and with each new section you can customize the look. You can set backgrounds and add content, both original and through shortcodes. For a simple plugin there are many options.


WordPress Landing Pages

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This plugin allows you to not only create landing pages, but also monitor and track conversion rates, run multivariate split tests on landing pages, and increase lead flow.

A visual editor comes with this plugin so that changes can be made as you are creating the page. You can track conversion rates through the plugin so you’re constantly aware of how your site is doing. You can also clone existing langing pages and run A/B split tests on variations. Also, you can pre-populate forms with visitor information and increase conversion rates. Finally, you can gather lead intelligence and track lead activity which will help you extend your functionality.


Radar Landing Page Plugin For WordPress

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This MailChimp integrated plugin serves primarily for landing pages, but also has other uses. For example, it can be used as a temporary mini-site, a promotional landing page to collect emails, a maintenance mode splash page, or even a countdown to your site launch.

The MailChimp integration aspect makes it easy to collect email addresses as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor API’s are built into the plugin options. It’s responsive with all devices and is a strong multi-purpose option.



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This responsive user-friendly plugin can be used with different domains be it business or personal and still serve your every need. The plugin comes with a feature of TV Test Pattern which gives the illusion that you’re looking into a real TV. You can display any sort of under construction of your choice so it fits the personality of your site.

Landr is easy to customize and HTML5 and CSS3 can be used. There is a tooltip feature to alter aspects of the presentation and the plugin comes with 361 scalable vector icons. You can add links to social networks through the landing pages and it will work on any browser. $17



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This plugin is lightweight and simplistic. Included are a customizable Countdown Clock and MailChimp plugin. It also comes with a LESS Stylesheet to help you in customizing your page. The LESS extends CSS with dynamic behavior like variables, mixins, operations, and functions.

What is so great about WP PROCount is that it will run alongside the theme you’re creating. Thus, you can keep working on your site while visitors coming to the landing page.


These are some of the best WordPress landing page creator plugins. There are loads of other plugins out there but these have received the most positive feedback.

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