5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

word fence2

Last year 170,000 WordPress sites were hacked. With all the work you are putting into creating and managing your site, it’s simply not worth the risk to not protect it. Here are some of the best WordPress Security Plugins to download to keep your content and site safe. Best WordPress Security Plugins 1. Wordfence – …

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5 Best WordPress Redirect Plugins

seo redirection plugin

When redirects happen they frustrate visitors and may prevent them from getting to your site. It’s important to be able to manage and control them as problems are bound to come about. Here are plugins that allow you to control redirects, and also provide support for automatic intervention. Following are the 5 best WordPress redirect …

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6 Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

With the amount of companies that purely conduct transactions on the internet, as well as companies that only conduct business on the internet, it’s essential to have a user-friendly site to conduct commerce. Here are some of the best WordPress eCommerce plugins that allow you to setup e-store on your blog and efficiently conduct business …

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5 Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins

Social media is now where people look for first for their news and information. Often time spent on social media is spent browsing aimlessly until people come across something interesting. Thus, getting your site onto these social media platforms can be incredibly huge. Here are 5 best WordPress social sharing plugins that allow you to …

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6 Best WordPress Map Plugins

If you have a news site, a travel site, a listing site, you will definitely need a map plugin. There are also a number of other types of sites that require certain functions, or are greatly enhanced by having the visual and interactive aid of a map. Here are best WordPress map plugins that help …

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5 Best WordPress Cache Plugins


Without memory people are lost. The same is true with caches and WordPress sites. A good-quality cache plugin is important so that your data is safely stored and accessible, while cleaned out of unnecessary data. Here are some of the best WordPress cache plugins to speed up your WordPress blog. Best WordPress Cache Plugin W3 Total …

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5 Best WordPress Survey Plugins

quiz and survey

Surveys are a powerful way to reach out to customers and website visitors; they provide a good opportunity to ensure them that you care about their perspective, get their opinions, and sometimes just have some good-natured fun. Here are the 5 best WordPress survey plugins that’ll help create surveys that are flexible so you can fit …

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5 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins

With the over-stimulated world we live in people must constantly stay on top of their plans and keep to tight schedules. Both as a website owner and as a visitor having features to manage your events is crucial. Here are some best WordPress calendar plugins that are flexible and can suit a variety of needs. Best …

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7 Best Coupon Plugins For WordPress

In the consumer driven society we live in today people get quickly attached and attracted to sales and deals. Adding coupons and other offers to your site has the ability to increase traffic. There are plugins available to help be innovative and help manage the advertising on your site. Following are the 7 best coupon plugins …

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5 Best WordPress Directory Plugins

business directory

Directory plugins are great for network building with individuals and other businesses alike. Having the right format to balance user-friendly displays as well as the level of complexity is important. Here are some of the best WordPress directory plugins that work well. Best WordPress Directory Plugins Business Directory Plugin This is the most popular and widely used …

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